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    Aosman mother's Day message: Give MOM custom More "quality" love

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    In May, it was a monthly breath full of deep Thanksgiving flavor. There are a of people in the world, no matter you good or evil beauty ugly, never dislike you, occasionally physically and mentally tired, also always enjoy. Mother, the best time of my life, was left to the children. Motherly love Like a stream, not, slowly flowing in our blood.


    Once upon a time, we found that the mother's hair more than countless root "silver", once, years quietly for the mother put on a layer of wrinkles. Time old, but mother's appearance in the outside heart permanent! The best time to stay with the mother is the most obligatory thing for us all.

    On the occasion of Mother's Day, let us slow down the pace of weekdays, for the mother to offer the deepest love, with love to build the heart of Thanksgiving! For her to create a casual quality of the environment, give her a clean company without interruption, let the Australian "blue Beauty" to her to create a more quality of love, give her the best bathroom time!


    Lammi: Beauty, not imagination


    Beauty, not imagination! Pullman bathroom new 2017 star bathroom cabinets-Lammi series. Awaken the most beautiful time, time is the most beautiful place! Blue Sea, Golden Beach, fresh and pure blue, with the refreshing taste of early summer, charm all summer! Mother's Day, give her a surprise about "beauty"!

    Lammi: Beauty, the best time to stay


    Time is fleeting, cannot race with time, that is for her to stay the best time! "Blue Beauty" for love bonus points, heart to create the most beautiful bathroom time. Unadorned in the chic, simple neat in the exquisite, the Aosman "blue Beauty" for her tailor-made for her stay beautiful!


    Aosman "Blue Beauty", from the appearance, matte blue + Brown copper color collocation, fresh and bright colors, modern minimalist style perfect presentation, very personality hundred, with strong storage function, practicality is very strong, set beautiful practical in one. It is worth proposing that its cabinet basin is a square thin side of the ceramic basin, designed the water baffle plate, to avoid the use of water splashed in the process of wet cabinets and clothing; product back plate for the movable plate, can stand up or down, to meet the North consumer bathroom cabinets placed in the radiator before the use of demand. Cabinet door with a dark handle, with a certain degree of security, and to the maximum extent to ensure the integrity of the product and aesthetic degree.

    There are no lack of the simple and thrifty mother, an old house, the wall may have mottled, maybe the floor has cracked, maybe the bathroom has been broken ... How do you feel comfortable about the old facilities in the bathroom? In order to improve the mother's living environment, since then, for them to "new", or a new set of bathroom ware, perhaps an intelligent convenient toilet, perhaps a custom-made bathroom cabinets ...

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